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Patsy Cline Fans!

Death Cannot Kill What Never Dies

Patsy Cline Fans
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Patsy Cline projects a vulnerablitiy and tenderness that is so irresistible when she sings a ballad. Patsy did not merely sing the words; she lived her songs as if each one had been written from personal experience, and she communicates that intimacy to her fans. Her tremulous, emotional voice could (and often does) move a person to tears; it seems to touch one's very soul. To listen to Patsy Cline sing is to experience the divine. This is a community for the fans, by the fans of country music's one & only queen, Patsy Cline! Feel free to post your favorite Patsy songs, pictures, artwork, poetry, or anything else related to "The Cline."

***Some entries are viewable to members only. Layout & graphics by stephanieseon and may not be used without permission.

by Natalie
Patsy Cline is Love